Thursday, 28 January 2016

Beet, Caramelized Apple and Goat Cheese Sandwhich

So, another sandwhich, but this time it was for lunch. As I mentioned in the post Garlic and Rosemary Baked Chicken with Orzo, Spinach, Beets and Feta, I saved a couple of the cooked beets with a sandwhich in mind. I was planning on using the last bit of spinach with the beets, and some goat cheese.

One of the tasks I had set myself for the day was to turn the two  bruised apples into applesauce, and then the thought of using some apple in the sandwhich presented itself. So after coring and slicing one of the apples, I used the other to make applesauce.

I also wanted a warm sandwhich, so I grilled it...melting tangy cheese, warm sweet beets and apples and crispy bread, this was a great lunch!

Core and thinly slice an apple. My slices were about 1/8" thick.

In a hot pan, using a bit of olive oil, quickly caramelize the apple slices. Season them with black pepper.

Keep the heat high, allowing both sides of the apples to colour, without letting them turn to applesauce.

Turn off the heat.

Lightly butter one side of two slices of bread, placing the buttered sides together. This allows you to build the sandwhich on the unbuttered side.

Place a layer of fresh spinach onto the bread.

Add the cooked apple slices.

Top the apples with thinly sliced beets.

Finish the sandwhich off with crumbled goat cheese and freshly ground black pepper.

Lift the top piece of bread into a heated non-stick pan, and top it with the other piece of bread. Now the buttered sides are facing outwards.

Cook until the first side of bread is golden and crisp, gently pressing down with a spatula.

Carefully turn the sandwhich over and allow the second side to cook.

Remove the sandwhich from the pan, cut in half and serve.

  • The bread I used was my homemade Multigrain Bread, but any type of bread can be used. This can also be made as a wrap, or in a bun or baguette, and baked.
  • By placing the buttered sides of the bread together during the assembly of the sandwhich, you keep the counters clean. It also allows you to lift the top piece off into the pan, buttered side down, and then top it with the remaining piece, buttered side up. It also eliminates messy buttering of an assembled sandwhich.
  • Purchased beets can be substituted for the fresh cooked beets.
  • Other greens such as arugula or watercress can be used, or the greens can be eliminated.
  • Instead of apples, try pears or peaches. The black pepper enhances the sweetness of the fruit and adds a bit of heat to the sandwhich.
  • The apples can be roasted, or grilled. The key is to enhance the sweetness by caramelizing the fruit, while maintaining the shape and texture of the fruit.
  • The goat cheese can be blended with cream cheese; mixed with black pepper and honey; mixed with chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, chives or thyme. 
  • Blue cheese can be used if you prefer. Other cheese that will work include asiago, bocconicni or white cheddar.

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