Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Fingerling Potato Hash with Sausage, Broccolini and Red Peppers

Once again I cooked too many potatoes, but that's not really a problem as using them up to make hash is always a popular meal in our house. It also lends itself to a good fridge cleanout, in this case 2 sausages and some green onions.

Hash is always best made with cold potatoes, so if you are planning on making it, cook them ahead of time and chill them well. They tend to stick less, crisp up more and absorb less oil this way, not to mention they're a lot easier to cut!

I added in broccolini as it is currently one of my favourite vegetables, and I had just bought some. And of course, I topped it all off with a soft poached egg...the yolk makes a lovely sauce for the potatoes.

Start off by cooking fingerling potatoes in lightly salted boiling water until just tender. Drain and cool completely.

Cut the broccolini into smaller lengths, and cook until just tender in lightly salted boiling water. Remove from the water and set aside until needed.

Reserve the water for poaching the eggs.

Thinly slice:

1 large sweet red pepper
the cooled potatoes

Set aside.

Slice 2 sausages into 1/2" pieces, and cook in some olive oil in a hot pan.

Start off with a medium low heat, allowing the fat from the sausages to release...this adds to the flavour and crispiness of the potatoes.

When the sausage is half cooked (still a bit pink in the middle), add the sliced potatoes.

Season with salt and pepper, and increase the heat. Continue to cook, stirring often, until the sausage is fully cooked and the potatoes start to brown.

At this point, add the sliced red peppers.

Season as needed, and continue to cook over a medium high heat for another couple of minutes, stirring often.

Add the broccolini, and start to poach your eggs while it heats through.

When the eggs are cooked to your liking, remove them from the water.

Add the green onions to the hash, and cook for another minute. You will need:

6 green onions, thinly sliced

Taste and adjust seasoning one more time. Serve the hash in a bowl, topped with the poached egg. Bon appetit!

  • I used fingerling potatoes, but any potato that is more waxy than starchy can be used. If you have boiled or roasted too many, save the leftovers and make a hash! This is a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Sweet potatoes can also be used to make hash.
  • The egg is optional; grated cheese can be used as well or instead of the egg.
  • The choice of vegetables depends on you and what you have available. I have used onions, leeks, corn, grape tomatoes, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, olives and mushrooms, to name a few.
  • I used a roasted red pepper and asiago sausage...breakfast sausage is a good choice if you are making this for breakfast; spicy sausage such as chorizo adds a lot of flavour. Other meats such as bacon, ham, pulled pork can also be used.
  • The soft boiled egg provides sauce in the form of the runny yolk, but other sauces such as barbecue, tomato, salsa or hollandaise can be used.

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