Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cabbage and Orange Slaw with Blue Cheese Dressing

Sunday, lazy day in the sun, easy dinner! My pulled pork is simmering and waiting to be turned into sandwiches, just a quick salad to complete the meal.

I had a bit of the blue cheese dressing I made a couple of nights ago, perfect! Also 2 oranges and a few toasted sunflower seeds. All I needed was cabbage, and since I had to make a trip to the produce store, I put it on my list! I can always use the rest of it for stir fry...

I finely shredded about 4 cups of the cabbage, then turned to peeling and segmenting the oranges, quite easy if you know the steps to take.

First, using a sharp knife, remove the top and bottom. This way it will stand flat and firm while you take care of the rest.

Then carefully run the knife just under the skin, following the curve of
 the fruit, from top to bottom, and remove the rest of the peel.
I put the peel in my compost, which then gets used in the garden...

You now have a peeled, but whole orange!
Holding it in your palm, use the same knife to carefully slice between the white pith and gently cut each fruit section out.
Squeeze the remaining juice out, and you are ready to go!

I added the orange sections to the cabbage, added the dressing and sunflower seeds, and my easy delicious, and good for you too, salad was ready for eating.

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